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Qualifying: I always do my outlap without any deployment. I switch to qualifying mode just before start finish. This counts for every track we drive on. The outlap on Silverstone is one to respect. You don’t want to push the car to much. I personally carry speeds between 120-200 Km/u during my outlap. Just “touch” the tarmac with the tyres, do not rub to hard. Especially the left front tyre doesn’t like to much pressure, because it will heat up to much compared to the other tyres, and it gives you degradation which you could easily avoid. The right corners are a pain in the ass for the left front tyre. The result of keeping your calm will be a better lap time.

Race: Nurse the left front tyre, and try to be conistent. The pit window is between lap (soft, red) 12-14, and I suggest you try to go to lap 14 (Its hard I know). This way you keep enough tyre left to push al the way true the second stint on medium (Yellow). Most of the race I’m on the balanced deployment, which gives you room to attack/defend when needed.

Silverstone Q&R Update: With this update I’ve given the car a bit more front, which means the car is more direct with steering in to corners. It should result in better laptimes, and a bit less tyre degradation.

Spa Francorchamps

Qualifying: Just be gentle on the outlap, but not to slow. In the end you need some temperature as well, because of the hairpin, and Eau Rouge in the first sector. Somewhere between 120-220Km/u is fine. Don’t overdrive the car, but let the car do the work on this track. The more you push the car against/over the limit, the slower you will be. Dispite feeling really fast.

Race: You don’t win the race at the first corner, so be carefull at the start. The hairpin know’s many “victims.” Let the car do the work on track, and try to find a solid ritm. I think the pit window is between lap 8-10. It shouldn’t be to hard to reach that window on the softs (red). Second stint you can push a lot more then you did in the first stint. But that feeling will come natural. That’s the beauty of Spa, when you stay calm, and relaxed. The don’t call it not for nothing “Spa” Francorchamps.

Spa Francorchamps Q&R Update: I’ve been tweaking the setup towards more direct turning into corners. It could be a great update, but I’m not 100% sure what will happen with the tyre degradation.


Qualifying: On the outlap you can push the car a bit more then at the tracks before. Tyre degradation isn’t that high compared to the other tracks we’ve been so far. When you find your ritm on track, you will have a nice Qualifying laptime, I’m sure.

Race: You can push pretty hard right from the start actually. The pit window is between lap 12-16 on the softs (red), with still enough rubber left, accept the left front gets beaten up at this track as well. You could choose to nurse the left, but I don’t see any reason why. The stints match the pace you could do on this track. I would just go for it! Find ritm, remain calm, and you will get great results.

Spielberg, Red Bull Ring

Qualifying: You can push pretty hard on the outlap, as long you don’t lock up. Hitting the apex is very important on this track, the same goes for the breaking points. If you run a clean and smooth lap, you should have a great laptime.

Race: The first corner is a tricky one, stay safe true there, and find ritm. You can pretty much push the whole first and second stint. Pit window is pretty big between 12-20. Tyre degradation isn’t a big thing on Spielberg. Perhaps you could do a whole race on the mediums (yellow). Keeping the rear tyres at optimum temperature is a key part in executing a great race. It’s easily done to lite up the rear tyres on this track. Be gentle with the trottle.

Spielberg, Red Bull Ring Q & R Update: I’ve updated both setups. Just give it a go! 🔥

Circuit De Catalunya

Qualifying: You can push the car pretty hard during the outlap, as long as you take care of the left front tyre. It’s pretty much the same as what happens on the Silverstone track.

Race: The same as with qualifying actually. Be gentle with the left front, other then that you can push true out the race. Pit window is between lap 12-16 (Soft, Red). The medium tyre will bring you easily to the finish.

Autodromo Internazionale Enzo e Dino Ferrari – Grand Prix

Qualifying: The tyre degredation isn’t very high on Imola, but you still keep the tyre temperatures in mind.

Race: I could easily do 25 laps on the soft (red), but if it’s possible to complete a full race distance? I’m not sure. Well you could finish it, that’s not the worry. Is it possible to maintain enough pace to undo a pitstop true out the whole race?

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