My name is Jack, 41 years old, living in Belgium.

In general I’m a passive investor, long term.

I dedicate a big part of my life on getting a global understanding of our planet. And I enjoy tracking our evolution as humans, especially the “mindsets”.

In my “spare time” I consult companies on how to (re)build up there core business infrastructure for the future.

And there is “Thirty Four”, my brand in leather jackets. But that’s on a hold for now.

In short I’m a: Entrepreneur – Investor – Brand – Wannabe Lobbyist


Investing long term. Daytrading, short/long, CFD’s, etc. ,that’s nothing for me. In my personal opinion these ways of investing are more like gambling, and I hate gambling.

I invest in projects/companies long term. The investing itself isn’t hard. It’s the homework that goes into it before making a deal that makes this business special and unique.

Interview about Crypto’s and NFT’s for the LUX NFT CLUB Luxembourg with Jil Haberstig

Key elements

I’m a sucker for technology stock, and cryptocurrencies. I like projects/companies to be disrubtive, innovative, and they need to be contributing for a better world.

At this point in time we are in the middle of the 4th industrial revolution. Because of the world being in a transition fase, opportunities will be pretty much every where on a daily.

Traditional is getting outdated, so I help those companies who understand that changes are needed in order to create a sustainable future.

So you like my hoodies powered by Champion huh? Go get them!